Henning Eiben

February 2017 Mission - Patch Calender Populator

Blog Post created by Henning Eiben Champion on Feb 14, 2017

Following up the February 2017 Mission, this is my approach to solve the given requirements.


First off to get started I create a couple of SharePoint-Lists:

  • PatchPlan
  • PatchCalendar


The patch-plan holds a list of all servers that need to be patched as well as the number of days after "patch-thuesday" they are supposed to be patched (PatchOffset).

The PatchCalender will actually hold all the dates for the servers to be patched.

In order to populate the PatchCalendar I create a new site-workflow. At first I'm querying the PatchPlan list get all the servers to be patched into a collection. Next up I create a collection with all the months, to later on create monthly patching dates.

So next I can loop over the collection of months and compute the second tuesdays of the month.


Finally I loop over the list of servers queried at the beginning and create calender-entries for each server.


This way - with starting the site-workflow, I can populate the calender with all the patch-dates for the given year.