2016 March Mission - Scavenger Hunt!

Blog Post created by fhunth Champion on Mar 22, 2016

1-Post links to the top three content items you find if you search "workflow" and then sort by "last modified"


  1. https://community.nintex.com/docs/DOC-1035?sr=search&searchId=3688351b-576c-4f5f-8a6a-9b1e8bbed80a&searchIndex=0#comment…
  2. managing dates in workflow
  3. Nintex workflow on a new site based on custom site template does not work


2-What eight people show up if you use Dynamic Search* for "forms" and then hover over the "people" list?  Please @mention them in your document inNintex Gallery.


Amanda Oldring

Mohamed Gathoo

Andrew Glasser

Eric Rhodes

Mike Matsako

Vadim Tabakman

Palesa Sikwane

Andrew Beals


3-Link the first blog post Vadim Tabakman posted in this community.

Making a Voice Call through Nintex Workflow


4-Search for "nintex mobile" and @-mention the 35th entry when filtered for "people."

Taiwo Ojo


5-Link to the most recent blog post you find related to the "state machine."

assign to-do task action not working in state machine


BONUS:  For an extra 100 points (you'll ONLY get these if you complete the five questions above), answer this:
When using Dynamic Search, there are three categories listed before you even type in a term. What are they? Write down the number of listings you personally have under the third category.