My first Document Generation pilot is not looking too bad

Blog Post created by sharepointfrancois on Feb 4, 2016

I have a client who is "very sorry but my users want to be able to print" , so I was super glad when Nintex announced the drawloop acquisition a while back since the rumours could end up being true... and in December 2015, yeah !

So here is the little pilot we ran for that client, the complexity was actually due to the Nintex Forms because of using Repeated Section to host several fields that didn't need to be saved.. until we realised that saving them would have helped to use them in Workflow, but thanks to XML manipulation and Dictionary action, we can still extreact them and place them in Variables so that they can be used in Document Generation. Quite simply pretty generation in the end ! (having attempted with other tool, Nintex Document Generation is the simplest of them).