Post Class Survey Form

Blog Post created by davegopher on Apr 20, 2015

Good day everyone,


I am new to both Nintex and this community, I was recently tasked with creating a post class survey solution for a training portal and, as we use Nintex Forms (and Workflows) I figured why not?


Note: I needed to be able to connect to the list and create SQL Server Reporting Services Reports from the Survey Forms, hence my List columns are mostly Numbers.


First off i created a custom list as follows:


ListSettings.pngThen i created a Nintex Form:

FormFillIn.pngYou will notice i used a Choice control for most of the questions, i configured them as follows:

Choice settings.png

And its at this point that life got interesting, I could not bind the Choice Control to my Number Columns in the List.

choice binding.png

So what to do? I found a work around using Form Variables. I connected the variable to the Choice Control with a formula and then connected it to the List Column. This works just fine, probably not the most elegant solution but it does the job!


I generally like to keep things as simple as possible (including Blog Posts) so if you have any questions please ask away.


Thanks for reading!