User Profiles in Office 365 Simplified

Blog Post created by eharris04 Employee on Feb 14, 2018

Hello Nintex Community.


After a lot of tinkering and playing with forms, I wrote this to provide a simple way for those in the community that may not necessarily know how to use runtime functions or calculated controls within forms to retrieve user profile properties.


User profile properties allow you to reference and use different properties with forms to help a user submit information pertinent to the form. To help make this easy, I included these profile properties within a single Nintex form (attached at the bottom) for you to import. This will allow you to see how the formulas are written and get exactly what you need back from the user profile within a form control.



To use the form attachment follow these steps:

  1. Download the attachment and rename it to just the .nfp extension
  2. Navigate to your O365 Site and create a new List (App)
  3. In the list, open up the Nintex Forms Designer and choose "Responsive"
  4. Click import and select the form file you downloaded here.
  5. Once the form is uploaded, select preview to see the form in action


This form displays two different views:

Current User Profile Properties

People Picker Profile Properties


When in preview mode you can toggle between the two views to see how the data is pulled in and displayed. To dissect a particular property and view the formula needed to retrieve that information, select the control and view its properties.



Using the function

The userProfileLookup function is available with the Calculated Control and is under the Runtime Functions


Example formula to display the current user work email

userProfileLookup(replace({Common:CurrentUserEmail},".*\\|", ""), "WorkEmail")


If you have any questions or comments, please write them below and good luck with using User Profiles and Nintex Forms for Office 365.