Did You Know: Manually Start Workflows with Existing Start Conditions

Blog Post created by gonzalo.marcos@nintex.com on Jan 17, 2018

Recently we released the new "conditional start" capability in Nintex Workflows for Office 365, which gives you a new level of control over when a workflow kicks off. If you missed that, have a look at this blog post: Whats New - Conditional Start in Nintex for Office 365.


If you have played with it, you may be wondering how Manual Start would work on a workflow where you have created start conditions for item creation and/or item modification. 


In other words, what if you create conditions on a workflow when an item is created and/or modified, and then kick off the workflow manually? What if you have a workflow with the settings below as start options? 


Will that workflow start without checking the condition, or will it start only if the condition set is true? Let's stop for a minute and explain briefly how manual start works in this type of scenario.


The simple answer is that the workflow will start regardless of any condition you might have created, either on item creation or item modification. It will start as if there is no condition set.


There are two main reasons why we've designed the functionality this way.  


First, because if you have created conditions for both item creation and item modification, manual start doesn't really know which one we should use.


Second, it helps you debug and test your workflows. Think about it: imagine you have designed a workflow, added start conditions, and everything is working. If you change your design and want to test it, unless you change the conditions, the quick way to test is to manually run the workflow with no conditions. 


Hope it helps!