Did you know: Mobile attachment controls

Blog Post created by fhunth Champion on Dec 6, 2017

Did you know that Nintex Mobile supports more than a dozen powerful ways -- which we call "controls" -- to enhance your forms? In this post I'd like to focus on just one, the attachment control. 


This is powerful because if you attach an image to a form and annotate the image, the annotation helps tell a better story by providing user-defined context. For example, in the insurance industry, an inspector could take a photo of a machine that has failed and annotate it with a arrow showing the part that has failed.  This helps anyone reviewing the image to better understand what the information is being conveyed.  


To start using this feature, just publish a form for your mobile device using the control called “Attachments” in the “List Columns” section.


Now that you know about this feature, you have the ability to enhance processes that involve uploading images to be analyzed by other people in your company or external actors such as an insurance auditor.


In this sample we have two controls with this functionality.




   Once you tap on the control to upload a new file, you will see the options to select.



  • For Camera and Video, you can get a photo or video right at this point in the process.
  • For Gallery and File, you can select a saved file/photo/video from your device gallery including Google Drive, Google Photos, or any other storing tool on your device.

Once you get a photo, you have a variety of tools for editing it. For example here below I added “Text” and “Draw.”




   Here is the complete toolbar that you can use to edit your photo:


For more information you can read the help files about the control!