What's new: Get and Set Box Enterprise Metadata

Blog Post created by Employee on Nov 27, 2017

In the recent release of the Nintex Workflow for Box app, we provided support for getting and setting Enterprise Metadata for a file in Box. To understand more about Box Metadata and how to set it up, you can read this excellent how to guide from Box.


We've added two new actions to the Box Connector that provide the ability to "Get file metadata" and "Set file metadata." These new actions allow you to build workflows that can manipulate the file's Enterprise Metadata as the workflow progresses.


These new actions build on the review process I wrote about in the initial post involving a workflow we built to enable collaboration on the marketing brochure for Nintex Workflow for Box. Imagine we need to manage multiple marketing campaigns across the organization. This could involve multiple pieces of marketing collateral that require review and approval but may not reside in a single folder as they might for a single campaign.


Using Nintex Workflow for Box together with the Enterprise Metadata provided by Box, we could create an Enterprise Template to capture the workflow and its progress. Now, within the workflow design, we can decorate the workflow design with the "Set file metadata" action at various points to help bubble up workflow progress via the Enterprise Metadata panel within the Box user interface.


Box Set File Metadata


In addition, within Box, someone can use the Metadata Template to search across the organization for the status of a specific file.

Search using Box Enterprise Metadata Template


Through the search, users now can view files based on their workflow across the Enterprise, regardless of how folders are structured.


In the near future, we plan to add support for starting a workflow when someone updates an Enterprise Metadata field in a file.