What's New: Forms File upload control in Nintex Workflow Cloud

Blog Post created by kate on Nov 20, 2017

Have you ever felt like there was a File upload shaped hole in your Forms design experience? You can now fill it with Forms' new File upload control.

Workflow designers need only edit their existing forms or create a new form, and the File upload control will be ready and waiting.


Take advantage of the powerful configurations unique to File upload:

  • Accepted file types - Guide your form submitters to upload only the files types of your choosing
  • Maximum number of files - To limit how many files can be uploaded
  • Maximum file size (MB) - So files are always a reasonable size


I need to create a workflow for employees to submit their Leave requests. If they're ill, they have the option to attach an image of their medical certificate. If an extended sick leave period is required, HR policy dictates that a medical certificate is essential.




Because a user will likely take a photo of, or scan their medical certificate, the file types should to be limited to .jpg, .png and .pdf.

Chances are only 1 file is needed, but in case they have multiple certificates, the limit has been set to 3 files.

You probably wouldn’t want picture-perfect photos of their medical certificates, so a maximum file size of 5MB is enforced.


To improve the experience of submitting their leave request, some Rules are also in play:

1.  Only show the Medical certificate File upload control when the "Type of leave" is "Sick leave"


2.  Make Medical certificate File upload control mandatory when "Duration of leave" is 4 or more days.



And here is how the form submission experience will look:


For more information, go to our Form controls help page, or check out our Nintex Workflow Cloud templates to get started with your first workflow.