What’s New:  Enhanced Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud

Blog Post created by bstori Champion on Nov 16, 2017

Nintex workflow cloud just keeps getting better. With this latest release you can really create some powerful forms to enhance your end user experience when they submit data via forms built in Nintex Workflow Cloud.

We now have more control over our textbox, single and multiple choice controls. Let’s get into what these updates look like. First, we are going to cover two controls, the single and multiple choice because the concepts are the same for both.


For this example, we will use the single choice control. After you drag-and-drop a single choice field on to your designer you have new configuration options. You can now set the control as read only, and set a custom name for your variable or have it auto generated in the configuration panel. This will be helpful because you might only want certain fields to be filled out, but if a user selects a certain answer you can unlock the control with a rule.


I have the control set to read only, and when a user selects Yes, they will need to select an option from the single choice control. I create two rules. First to turn read only to NO and second to make the field required. I am also renaming my choice field to a variable to something that make more since. Before this latest release your title was your workflow variable making for very long names to use within your workflow.


*Auto generate variables or rename them to fit your organization naming convention.

Variable Auto Generate



Another great enhancement in the forms is within your single line (short field) textbox. You can now specify an input that you are looking for called a Text Mask. An example might be a phone number, credit card, or maybe you just want an input of number or letters. This will help ensure quality data being entered into your form.


We're excited to announce these much-requested new features. And we'd love to know how they improve your experience in Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud. Please leave a comment or provide examples below!


We encourage you to formally submit additional product feature ideas on the Nintex Product User Voice Site. And we invite you to visit our NEW Nintex Public Product Roadmap often to see what we’ll be delivering in the near term. You can read more about this exciting release here.