What's New: Nintex Workflow for Salesforce

Blog Post created by samsysum on Nov 7, 2017

Back to Future 2 screenshot with caption: Where we are going, we don't need code

Today we are excited to bring you a glimpse into the future with Nintex Workflow for Salesforce!


Nintex Workflow for Salesforce is a new managed package on the AppExchange that is your solution for automating and optimizing your sales processes, all without having to develop custom code. Nintex Workflow for Salesforce is powered by Nintex Workflow Cloud, the industry leading solution for workflow and content automation.


With Nintex Workflow for Salesforce you have access to an intuitive and easy to use drag-and-drop designer to build and deploy intelligent state-driven workflows that act on objects or data in Salesforce. You can build and monitor workflows that interact with your organization's data in a native application without ever having to leave Salesforce. And all this is fully supported in Salesforce Lightning as well as Salesforce Classic.

Features and options such as contextual forms you can deploy in a Lightning Component, express approval via email, and mobile interaction, enable your organization to participate in the process automation, freeing up your team’s time to do what they do best: move your company forward.

Get started with the Nintex Workflow for Salesforce app today! If you already use Nintex Workflow Cloud you only need to provide your tenant info when launching the app. If you are new to Nintex Workflow Cloud, we made it really easy to sign up for a new trial right in the app.


For more help, go to how to install the Nintex Workflow for Salesforce app, or check out our Nintex Workflow Cloud templates to get started with your first workflow. A template is a pre-built workflow that offers a starting point for automating your business process.