Did You Know: Nintex App Studio – The Power of the Colors

Blog Post created by cosimavk Employee on Oct 20, 2017

In the world of digitalisation and mobile transformation, the question “Do you have an app for this?” is one employers hear from their employees quite often. Mostly the answer is “no” because building customised apps with corporate branding seems to be time- and resource-consuming. Did you know that Nintex App Studio provides a simple and fast way to create an app which perfectly matches your corporate identity and corporate design? No? Than have a look on the cool feature of picking colour schemes.
By default, our Nintex colour scheme is the starting point when designing your company-branded app. But it doesn't have to stay like that. First, you can choose among many pre-designed colour schemes to start creating your corporate design.

Second, it is easy to adapt the colours by using the hex colour codes of your company colours to get a perfect match.

This is how it works:

  • Log in to Nintex App Studio
  • Start to create an app
  • Go to Step 3, "Theme," on the left navigation
  • Select “Customise” as your colour scheme
  • Create your custom colour scheme by adapting following sections:
    • Highlight colour: Changes the colours of the tab bar, selections, buttons, switches and headings.
    • Background colour: Changes the background colour of the app.
    • User interface colour: Changes the colour of the text, labels and icons.
    • Field and modal colour: Changes the background colour of the input fields
    • Text input colour: Changes the colour of the body, label and icon text.
  • Watch the preview on the right side until you are happy with your customisation.

The best thing about it is that after you are finished, the app automatically generates more than 27 colours and shades to make your app look good. All the icons also change colour dynamically, depending on the choices you've made, but if you use custom form icons, you may need to check these.


Useful Tips for dealing with the power of the colours:


  1. Avoid neon colours in text or background – your users' eyes will thank you for it.
  2. Don’t use light text colours on a light background or vice versa; lack of contrast makes it hard to read.
  3. Avoid using colors that clash, such as red and green.
  4. Don’t mix too many colours – best practice would be a maximum of two.
  5. Consider where your app is being used and choose colors accordingly; for example, if it will be used outdoors frequently, a darker theme may work better.


Try it out yourself and design your own branded app.