Did You Know: Leverage Salesforce Files in Nintex Drawloop

Blog Post created by samsysum on Oct 19, 2017

With Salesforce users increasingly switching over to Salesforce Files in lieu of Notes & Attachments, we want to make sure that you are aware of all the ways you can leverage Salesforce Files within Nintex Drawloop. Here are some of the most useful 

  • Storing generated documents to Salesforce Files, instead of Notes & Attachments
  • Including Salesforce Files as additional attachments
  • Using Salesforce Files for document templates


Here is a brief description of each of these capabilities: 


Store generated documents to Salesforce Files  

To store generated documents to Salesforce Files, first navigate to the Drawloop Admin tab, then select the “Settings” page under “Configuration” 

On the Settings page, under “Attachment Settings” you can select “Salesforce Attachments” as your preferred storage location in Nintex Drawloop. This setting will apply to all delivery options that have an Attach Option enabled, with “Store as Attachment” configured 


Include Salesforce Files as additional attachments 

To include Salesforce Files as additional attachments, you must be on package version 12.2.3 or higher. If you have “Allow Attachments” enabled for your document package, your users will be able to select any Salesforce Files uploaded to the Record that they are generating documents from. 


Use Salesforce Files for document templates

Using Salesforce Files as document templates will require some setup with Libraries in your org. The first step requires you to be in Classic, as there is no ability to create new Libraries in Lightning at this time. 

  1. Navigate to All Tabs > Libraries
  2. Create a new Library with anname you like; in this example, we have named it “Document Templates” 



  1. Now switch to Lightning and then navigate to Files from the App Launcher
  2. Select “Libraries” in the left navigation pane, and then select the Library you created in step 2



  1. Once inside your library, you can click the “Add File” button, which will allow you to select any Salesforce File to add to the Library 



  1. Navigate to the document package for which you want to use the Salesforce File as your document template 
  2. To select the document template files for your document package, first select “Salesforce Content Libraries” and then select the Library you created in Step 2. You can then select the files within that library to use as your document package templates. 



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