What's New: Nintex Workflow for Box Native App

Blog Post created by Employee on Oct 11, 2017

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Box, the leader in Cloud Content Management, to further drive productivity and intelligent process automation for our joint customers.


Before the Box partnership, customers have been able to initiate workflows by uploading files, and the workflow can take actions such as routing the files for approval, moving them within Box, sending them to an e-signature provider, or storing the files in a CRM. We have empowered Box users to move beyond file sharing into workflow and content automation.


Today we’re introducing a ton of new functionality in a native app called Nintex Workflow for Box. In addition to the current capabilities, it is now possible to create workflows that can be selectively started from within the Box user interface and view Nintex workflow activity on the files within Box.


We understand that people need to collaborate and work on files in an organic and fluid way where comments and edits are being done to produce the asset. The Box platform is excellent in allowing users to do this. In such scenarios, starting a review process on the file is a specific step in which the user determines when a file is ready to be reviewed.


In preparing today’s announcement, we used Box to collaborate on the marketing brochure. Several of us were updating the file, adding content, images, etc. When we finished, we could manually start the review process to get it approved, and, once approved, the workflow moved it to a “Ready for Print” folder. Through the Nintex Workflow for Box app, we could determine when the process was ready to be started. This allowed the organic and fluid approach to creating the asset and gave us a consistent and governed way to get the asset approved and ready for the next part of the process.


Manually invoke workflows from within the Box


We also can track the workflow activity on the file to determine where the approval process is. We've also extended the capability of the Box Connector so you can now set an Enterprise Metadata template on the file within your workflow design. We'll share more about this in a future blog post.



View workflow activity on the file


If you already use Box and Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can add the Nintex Workflow for Box app, provide the name of your tenancy, and log in with your credentials. If you're new to Nintex Workflow Cloud, sign up for a trial.


For more help, go to how to install the Nintex Workflow for Box app and how to design workflows for


This post is the first in a series highlighting new Nintex and Box capabilities to make content collaboration and process automation easier. Stay tuned for feature updates and scenarios that enable sophisticated workflow, forms, document generation, and more with Nintex Workflow for Box.