What's New: Document Package Management in the Lightning Experience

Blog Post created by ryan.oleary Employee on Oct 9, 2017

Nintex Drawloop has been Lightning Ready! for quite some time. As of our July release (version 14) Drawloop Admins no longer have to switch to classic in order to create, modify, and migrate Drawloop Document Packages.


You can create a new document package by navigating to Drawloop Document Packages inside of Salesforce and clicking on the ‘New’ button. This will redirect you to the Document Package Wizard:


Document Package Wizard

The document package wizard takes you step by step through creating a document package. Starting with the basics like giving your Document Package a name and giving users access to the document package in the set security section.


Document Package Wizard Field Tagger


One of the last steps you go through in the wizard is actually tagging the document package. Here you can decide what type of template you are using, lookup a record, and then tag your document with the fields you want to be merged in when generating a document. Lastly, you’ll upload the document and you’ll be redirected to the Document Package screen with all of your configuration displayed to you.


Document Package Detail Page


There are a couple of items to note when working with our legacy Document Package interface in Lightning:

  1. You can’t create a new component group from the Drawloop Document Packages object in Lightning. To workaround this create a new component group from the Drawloop Component Group object, then link it to a Document Package from the Component Groups related list.
  2. You have to click the play button to access the Select Files user interface. Do this each time you open a Document Package in Lightning.


Take advantage of all this new functionality by getting the latest version of Nintex Drawloop today from Salesforce AppExchange!