Did You Know: Create your own Azure AD instance to try new AD actions

Blog Post created by rickdemarco Employee on Oct 5, 2017

In my previous blog Azure AD actions land to power up your workflows I introduced our new Azure AD connector actions which provide the capability to query and retrieve user and manager information for Azure AD..


Now I'm sure many of you looked at these actions and thought awesome but quickly realized you didn't have the right level of permission to create a connection against your organizational AD instance - well now you can! 


By following the steps you can create your own private Azure AD instance, it's simple and best of all it's completely free plus you'll have full admin rights (keep reading to find out why this is important  ).


  1. Go to the Microsoft Azure portal and sign-in, you can use an existing account (commonly one with an Office 365 subscription) or you can create a free one here.
  2. After signing in the top left click '+ New' and search for Azure Active Directory
  3. Click Create and enter a Organization Name and Initial domain name (you can just make up these values). The domain name is what you'll use when creating the connection in Workflow Cloud. 
  4. Once the value is validated with green ticks, click 'Create'
  5. Add a new global admin user (advised) - this allows you to have an admin account on the same domain, otherwise it will be the account you used to sign-in with which will be different. 
    • In the left menu select 'Azure Active Directory'
    • Click 'User and Groups' and choose 'All Users'
    • Click '+New User' and enter valid details
    • Select 'Directory Role' and choose Global administrator
    • Click 'Ok' and 'Create'
  6. In Nintex Workflow Cloud create a new Azure Active Directory connection and sign-in with the newly created admin account


Now you are good to go with trialing the new Azure AD actions!


But wait we have more AD actions!

In my previous post I mentioned we were busy building out some additional AD actions, so I'm happy to say they are now ready for anyone who wants to preview. These actions are more focused on admin functions such as creating users, updating users, disable/enable users and assigning someone a manager. 


If you are interested in previewing the actions you can fill out the preview form by clicking here and we will activate the actions in your tenant as soon we can (you will be notified)..  Once enabled you will only be able to use the actions by creating a connection that has been given Admin consent by an AD Admin (refer previous post), in many cases this won't be possible for security reasons which is why using the above method of creating your own instance is a good way to test them out.


Important note - as mentioned these actions are focused on admin type functions so it's very important to understand that once you create the connection anyone in the tenant will be able to use them e.g. someone could create a user in your Active Directory. So by signing up for the preview you understand and accept this risk.


As always love to hear any feedback..