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Blog Post created by Employee on Sep 11, 2017

We recently celebrated three years of growing the Nintex Connect community. During that time, we’ve shared conversations, resources, and content to help you to make the most of your Nintex investments and grow your Nintex expertise. We really appreciate all the positive feedback you've given us.


In these three years, Nintex has grown both our customer and partner community, and expanded the capabilities of the Nintex Workflow Platform. We’ve introduced Nintex Workflow Cloud and launched Nintex Hawkeye, just two of our major innovations in that time. We've also delivered new experiences in our existing product, such as the recently released responsive forms designer for Nintex Forms for Office 365.


With this this rapid pace of innovation, it might feel a little challenging to keep up to date.


Welcome to the Nintex Product Blog


The Nintex Product Blog is your new, single source to learn all about the new and enhanced capabilities, across the entire Nintex Workflow Platform, straight from the people who are building them.


As we share all the "latest and greatest," we'll also feature Nintex Workflow Pros who can fill you you in on best practices and how to take full advantage of the platform's powerful capabilities.


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Each day, you can visit the Nintex Product Blog see posts across two themes:


  • New and enhanced capabilities: the product managers and product marketing managers responsible for these feature updates will give you a glimpse into the “Why," "What," and "How” of the cool new stuff available to you and your customers.
  • Did You Know: Nintex community experts will share their “pro tips” and hints on how to make the most of your Nintex implementations. You might even discover something that's been "hiding in plain sight!"

We strive to make each blog post actionable, by revealing something you can use immediately: what the platform can do for you, how you can put the features to use, or how other people have done it.


As Editor-in-Chief of the Nintex Product Blog, I'm excited to announce that we are already filling the blog with posts. From the totally new UX in Hawkeye to a deep dive into the Action Sets of Nintex Workflow Cloud, every post is part of our effort deliver on the full promise of what’s possible with intelligence process automation you can achieve with the Nintex Workflow Platform.


Ready to get started?


It’s simple. There are two easy ways to get connected with the Nintex Product Blog


  1. Visit the Nintex Connect community and click on the “Nintex Product Blog” in the site navigation bar across every page of the site.
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  2. Click to get directly to the blog.


Go check it out!


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