Did You Know: Translate a document in seconds with Nintex Workflow

Blog Post created by Employee on May 30, 2017

When it comes to translation and regionalization efforts, in any organization that is doing business globally, there is always a substantial amount of work to get done and, naturally, not enough people or time to get it all done. Thankfully, there is a handy action in Nintex Workflow that can get those documents translated quickly; simply use the Translate Document action.



This action will take a Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and pass its contents to the Bing Translation services engine, convert it into the desired language and then save a copy to the desired document library.


Here I took a simple stock Non-Disclosure Agreement (attached) and converted it to Spanish.


English - original Word doc:


Spanish - converted Word doc:


While this conversion may be considered a "rough" conversion as there may be nuance to consider when converting a document to another language so make sure you label this document as a draft and then consider adding a simple approval process to review the document by someone on your team responsible for proofing translated documents.


Also, there is another translation action, Bing translation. This action can be used to translate blocks of text from one language to another and may be more appropriate if you will be utilizing the DocGen action to dynamically construct documents. Plus, this action is available for both Nintex in SharePoint Online as well as on-premises SharePoint 2010-2016.


Hope this helps and happy Nintexing!


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