SmartBox Schema synonyms are removed after upgrading to K2 5.1 FP 19 

  • 16 February 2021
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SmartBox Schema synonyms are removed after upgrading to K2 5.1 FP 19 

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After applying a fix pack above K2 5.1 FP 19, you'll notice that some of your other applications that are dependent on calling to the old SmartBox schema i.e. dbo.SmartBoxName (or if they are calling just the table name SELECT * FROM SmartBoxName,) will error and no longer return data.



  • This behavior started after you upgraded to a Fix Pack ahead of K2 5.1 FP 19, which includes 5.1 and also the K2 5.1 November CU.

  • Running a query (as below) will give you an error in SQL Server Management Studio:

SELECT * FROM Smartbox1

Error: Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Invalid object name 'Smartbox1'.

  • Previously, such a query would return data saved on that Smartbox.

  • You will see on the K2 Database under the Synonyms folder that you can not find a synonym with the same name as the Smartbox name.





This behavior is expected and is by design. These synonyms were temporarily created by the installer when an upgrade from 4.7 > 5.1 was done due to the Smartbox schema changing from dbo to SmartBoxData. The synonyms were created in case there were any parts of the product still referencing the old schema name. They were removed once it was confirmed that these were no longer needed as they were not necessary.



Schema changes like this can occur at any time and direct querying from the K2 Database is not supported for reasons such as this. If you need to report on data from K2 via SmartObjects the supported way is to use the K2 SmartObject API to query these SmartObjects via code.

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