K2 Workspace for iOS: Version Release History and Release Notes

  • 13 December 2022
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PRODUCT: K2 Mobile

BASED ON: K2 Mobile (all)



Release History

This table lists the history and changes included in each release of the K2 Workspace for iOS app.


Version Number

Release Date



16 December 2020

  • The K2 Workspace for iOS returned to the sign in screen after sign in was already completed. This occurred when the server was configured with an Azure App Proxy and pre-authentication was enabled.


24 November 2020

  • Drafts were not saving correctly


2 November 2020

  • Improved diagnostic logging


11 September 2020

  • An issue prevented you from signing in with your Google account
  • Could not view a subform after actioning a task
  • Improved logging


19 May 2020

  • Input elements like control icons, form and task detail elements would not load on a cached form and task while offline
  • When copying a server URL into the URL field on the Sign In page, if an extra space exists in the URL and you attempt to sign in, the sign-in does not occur


20 April 2020

  • Icons on a cached form would not display when offline
  • A form configured to trigger an alert / popup would not display the alert / popup when triggered


20 March 2020

  • Removed support for iOS 12, K2 Workspace for iOS now supports iOS 13 and greater
  • Saving or submitting forms in the app did not function when the app was offline
  • A blank screen displayed after completing an offline form
  • Unable to sign in after sign out on environments that used form authentication
  • The save draft button was missing on offline forms
  • The current form would not load if the previously opened form contained the close form rule


21 February 2020

  • You can now configure the Default Tab on the Task List in the K2 Workspace for iOS app
  • The K2 Workspace for iOS app now uses WKWebView instead of UIWebView
  • Added support for Right to Left languages in the unsigned APK version of K2 Workspace for iOS app
  • The draft button would remain selected when tapped and held for too long
  • When scrolling through the logs section the entire About section would scroll to the end
  • The actions button would remain selected on the Drafts section in the K2 Workspace for iOS app on an iPad device
  • The quick delete icon would display the wrong color
  • The Send Logs button would display as disabled
  • When you tapped an incorrect link on a form, nothing on the form would load
  • When saving a draft form with the same name, the app would allow you to save the form with the duplicate name
  • When you canceled items in the Outbox, the item counter would not update in the Task List when the item was saved as a draft
  • The app would stop working when signing in using K2 Trust for Azure on the Lock Screen.
  • Switching between offline and online mode when a task was selected would not reload the task
  • When you select and unselect too many tasks, the app would become slow and stop working
  • When switching between the Username and Password field, the Sign In screen would move erratically
  • When selecting the System Logs option, there would be a delay in opening the logs
  •  The Task List in the K2 Workspace for iOS app would not refresh on an iPad device
  • Resolved issues with Federated Authentication
  • Removed the Label on the Task List screen when task items failed to load
  • When using the Image Attachment control to attach an image, the control would reduce the size of the image in the K2 Workspace for iOS app
  • Drafts would no longer display as expected
  • Corrected a UI inconsistency in the Sign In screen of the K2 Workspace for iOS app
  • The K2 Workspace for iOS app would not work as intended when using forms on iOS 12.4. See KBS100260 for more information


12 December 2019

  • After signing into the K2 Workspace for iOS app the detail form did not load
  • The app froze when pressing the sign out button


29 November 2019

  • Canceling the biometric sign-in on the K2 Workspace for iOS app when connecting to a K2 Cloud environment caused the app to stop functioning
  • A task with a long Task title displayed on two lines on the Task details screen
  • When viewing a form while offline the expected offline message and image did not display


15 November 2019

  • The Outbox now displays the instruction field first and not the folio
  • Improved background downloads by only downloading tasks
  • Theme configuration in an MDM version of the K2 Workspace for iOS app overrides the configured theme on your device settings
  • Saving Tasks as drafts would not be saved
  • Removed the Next button on the lock screen as the iOS 13 biometric authentication dialogue bug was fixed by Apple
  • Sorting in the K2 Workspace for iOS app is no longer case sensitive
  • Navigating back on the Barcode Scanner screen would enable the Done button
  • The Barcode Scanner position was incorrect when scanning a barcode
  • Dark mode would not be completely applied when the K2 Workspace for iOS app was run in the background


30 October 2019

  • After minimizing the K2 Workspace for iOS app the app would crash in the background
  • When you cancel the sign-in request on the Sign-in screen a timeout error would display
  • When you open a task form associated to a task while offline the form would not load
  • While signing into the K2 Workspace app which has a K2 server configured and the sign-in fails because the K2 server is offline, you are able to edit the K2 server field
  • When using the Barcode and Image Annotation controls in the K2 Workspace for iOS app, the safe area color did not match the toolbar color
  • Updated the UI in the Workspace section to correct a misalignment issue
  • Updated the Folio and Description font to align with iOS 13 standards
  • Updated the Quick Delete icon color in the Outbox section of the app
  • The app now uses the dark or light mode specified in User Settings of the device


16 October 2019

  • You can now configure the Server URL of the app without the use of MDM Software
  • Added Offline Date Parsing capability 
  • Updated the size of the Outbox Action and Task Detail Status icons
  • Assigned To, Shared and Redirected information didn't display correctly in the Task Information section
  • Updated app code to use the latest background fetch framework from Apple


7 October 2019

  • The close rule was not working on the iPad for forms and tasks
  • Added support for iOS 13
  • Removed support for iOS 11
  • In certain instances you were unable to sign into a cloud environment
  • When a task was not found when the deeplink was tapped for a second time there was an infinite loop and you could navigate back
  • Added the lock status on the about screen in settings, this shows the status on the lock app status
  • When the app is in the background it stopped functioning
  • When the sign in was cancelled on an environment with multi authentication the multi authuthentication screen still displayed
  • The description field was not appended with ellispis (...) when the field did not fit in the allocated space
  • The back button was not responsive on the sign in screen if you changed the username
  • The sign in button was available even though the password was not yet provided
  • The workspace details showed a blank screen when opened offline
  • Authentication failed with the following error - Forms failed to Download & Bad Requests - Request Too Long errors on Form
  • When choosing a different authentication method from the previous method the app went into a loop state


19 September 2019

  • Added swipe gesture on the Outbox list and Outbox details sections of the app
  • Fixed an issue whereby you cannot go back if the form was redirected
  • Added support for when you save and load a draft the WKWebview is used instead of the UIWebView
  • Added support for when you submit a form that the WKWebview is used instead of the UIWebView
  • Fixed an issue where the More and Actions buttons would disappear on pull-down when you refreshed the draft
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect message is displayed on the task list when a task is no longer available
  • Added support so that on older servers (K2 5.2 and earlier, K2 Cloud Update 8 and earlier) the app does a task refresh when navigating from the task
  • Added support so that you can cancel the sign-in process on the server screen
  • Fixed an issue whereby the app would crash on start-up


09 September 2019

  • Improved the federated authentication flow by automatically proceeding with the selected authentication option
  • The lock screen did not function correctly when the server was specified by an administrator and the server used federated authentication
  • When you tap back on an Application Form, the app would navigate back to the list instead of going back to the previous page
  • When you signed in to the K2 Workspace for iOS application and the sign in failed, the sign in failure message was inaccurate
  • When you edited a draft and re-saved the draft, a new draft was created
  • When you signed out of an environment that used federated authentication and had the server specified by an administrator,  the username and password input was incorrectly required
  • Push notification status's would not be up to date when displayed
  • When you redirected a task the task information tab displayed information about redirected tasks incorrectly
  • When submitting a form while offline, the form would close before you could choose to send the form to the outbox


26 August 2019

  • Performance and stability enhancements


08 August 2019

  • Added support for deep links that specify the server
  • Performance and stability enhancements


10 July 2019

  • Refresh support on the information tab of a task
  • Federated authentication support
  • Performance and stability enhancements


27 June 2019

  • Session refresh support
  • Performance and stability enhancements


30 May 2019

  • Performance and stability enhancements


17 May 2019

  • Performance and stability enhancements


31 August 2017

  • Sorting Tasks in the Task List functionality
  • Added support for customizing the App with MDM tools
  • Open links on forms in your device browser. Add the following to the end of a URL link to open the link in your device browser: _openInBrowser=true. Please note the entry is case sensitive
  • Performance and stability enhancements


04 April 2019

  • Performance and stability enhancements


25 March 2019

  • Navigation to task forms and application forms using deep links with task serial numbers prefixed with SN= is now supported
  • Performance and stability enhancements


07 March 2019

  • Performance and stability enhancements
  • Support for task list deep link navigation removed
  • Support for application form list deep link navigation removed


20 February 2019

  • Redirecting an application form to another URL using an option on the form and saving the form, the redirect URL is used as the title of the form
  • Redirecting a draft form to another URL using an option on the draft and saving the draft, the redirect URL is used as the title of the draft form
  • Saving a form as a draft that contains the same name as an existing draft, an "A draft with this name already exists message" is displayed
  • Saving a form as a draft, the draft name cannot be longer than 256 characters
  • About section
  • Performance and stability enhancements


08 February 2019

  • Performance and stability enhancements


21 December 2018

  • Performance and stability enhancements


05 December 2018

  • Improved handling of AAD and OAuth authentication failures
  • Performance and stability enhancements


22 November 2018

  • Task Forms Draft functionality
  • Performance and stability enhancements


15 November 2018

  • Drafts functionality
  • Performance and stability enhancements


26 September 2018

  • Improved outbox error messages
  • Performance and stability enhancements


14 September 2018

  • HTTP Server support
  • Performance and stability enhancements


29 August 2018

  • Initial Release


10 August 2018

  • Performance and stability enhancements

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