K2 Five 5.1 Release FAQ

  • 16 February 2021
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K2 Five 5.1 Release FAQ

K2 Cloud Update 4
K2 Five 5.1
This article was created in response to a support issue logged with K2. The content may include typographical errors and may be revised at any time without notice. This article is not considered official documentation for K2 software and is provided "as is" with no warranties.

Below are a number of questions we received during the K2 Five 5.1 release overview webinar. We will add additional questions and answers as necessary. Please note that the slides we presented during this session are available for download by clicking on the "Overview Deck" button on the right side of this page.


Q. What is the difference between SmartStarters and App Wizard?
A. SmartStarters are pre-configured K2 applications that include forms, workflow and reports for a common use case. The forms, workflow and reports are all pre-built but can be customized, using the K2 Designer, to suit your specific needs. The App Wizard is a wizard-based interface for creating an application based on one of three templates (survey, approval and list collaboration). The wizard walks you through a series of steps to select options for your application and then automatically generates the application for you, bypassing K2 Designer completely. Both capabilities are part of our "Faster Apps" tenet, focused on making it easier for both technical and non-technical users to get started, but the App Wizard is specifically focused on providing non-technical or business developers a quick way to build an application.

Q. Is it possible to use a data source other than SmartBox with SmartStarters?

A. SmartStarters are currently configured to use SmartBox as the data store. SmartStarters can be customized after being deployed, allowing for other data sources to be added as necessary.


Q. How many SmartStarters are available in K2 Five?

A. The initial set includes 26 K2 Five-based SmartStarters. Any new SmartStarters we release will automatically show up in the App Catalog as part of the App Workspace.


Q. Are the K2 Five-based SmartStarters different than previous SmartStarters?

A. Yes, they have been built using the K2 Five Workflow Designer and have an updated framework. Many of the use cases are the same as previous SmartStarters so you will notice similarities between both.


Q. Can the App Wizard templates be customized? Is there the ability to add additional custom templates?

A. At this time, App Wizard templates cannot be customized but you can add new templates based on existing applications. Adding new templates is available to those users who have been given the App Wizard Administrator role. 


Q. It looks like there are new security roles for App Wizards. How is this different than security provided by authorization framework?

A. There are two new roles for App Wizards. The App Wizard Administrators role is used to give administrative rights to the App Wizard functionality and allows a user to add new templates, approve app requests and manage security for the App Wizards. The App Wizard Builder role allows users to build applications without having to go through the App Request and Approval process. This role can be given to those individuals who are trusted to build applications that do not require additional review. All users can build apps with the App Wizard, but unless you are in the Admin or Builder roles, your request will go through an approval process. Once the app has been approved and published, the creator of the app is given App Owner privileges which allows them to share the app with others and set security for that individual application. This interface is provided as part of the application but is using authorization framework to set security appropriately.

Q. Is the Exchange broker available both in the cloud and on-prem?
A. Yes, the Exchange broker is available both in K2 Cloud and K2 Five.
Q. What authentication methods are supported for this broker?
A. In K2 Five, you have three authentication methods: OAuth, Impersonate and Static. K2 Cloud supports OAuth only.
Q. If I have the old Exchange broker installed in my environment, will it be upgraded to this new version?
A. No, the old broker will not be upgraded. Any existing applications that use the old broker will have to be manually updated if you want to switch to using the new Exchange broker.
Q. Can you change the format of the Excel file as part of the export rule?
A. No, this is not an option at this time.
Q. Will Export to Excel work in all modern browsers?
A. The Export to Excel functionality is supported in the same browsers we support for all runtime capabilities. To see the current list of supported browsers, visit the Compatibility Matrix.
Q. Does Export to Excel take into account any filters applied?
A. Yes, Export to Excel honors filters, including search filters, that have been applied to the data set at the time the Export function is called.
Q. How do the row limit and paging options work?
A. These two options work together, providing the minimum dataset based on the options set. As an example, if you set the row limit to 100 but set the "all pages" option, you will only get an export of the first 100 rows, regardless of how many pages are returned in the entire dataset. Or, if you set the "All Pages" option to No, you will only get an export of the first page of data, regardless of what the row limit is set to.
Q. Do existing SmartObjects need to be rebuilt for export to work?
A. No, the Export to Excel functionality is added via a rule on your view or form, so there is nothing that needs to be done at the SmartObject level to enable this functionality.
Q. Is Export to Excel available on the worklist control?
A. No, not at this time.




Q. The infinite loop warnings in the designer are helpful at design time, but are there any management capabilities available to detect loops once a workflow is deployed?

A. The design-time loop warnings in SmartAssist are just the first capabilities we are implementing to help eliminate infinite loops and the performance problems they contribute to. Our next set of features will provide management capabilities for setting thresholds that will ensure server performance isn't affected.


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