Deadlocks encountered on the ServerLog schema tables

  • 16 February 2021
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You may notice deadlocks in the SQL Server Error Logs that are coming from the [ServerLog].[IdentitiesTable] and [ServerLog].[NamesTable] tables for the ServerLog schema on the K2 database.

Here is a snippet of the error:

Deadlock encountered .... Printing deadlock information

Wait-for graph



Port: 0x000001BA0CC205F0 Xid Slot: 11, Wait Slot: 0, Task: 0x000001B2FDFCC108, (Producer), Exchange Wait Type: e_waitPipeNewRow, Merging: 1

ResType:ExchangeId Stype:'AND' SPID:140 BatchID:0 ECID:51 TaskProxy:(0x000001BB62DB2A60) Value:0xfdfcc108 Cost:(20/0)
SPID: 140 ECID: 51 Statement Type: SELECT INTO Line #: 4

Input Buf: Language Event: (@ExecutingUser nvarchar(24),@ContainerList nvarchar(2058),@Identities [ServerLog].[IdentitiesTable] READONLY,@RangeStartDate datetime,@RangeEndDate datetime,@UserFQNList [ServerLog].[NamesTable]


According to Labs, you can ignore the deadlocks as this is high throughput area that is mainly used for reporting and the system is designed there to retry if a deadlock is received as multiple areas of K2 pulls data from them.

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