Code Fix: Transferring 195 or more values/items to the Picker control results in an error

  • 16 February 2021
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Issue Description

When you have a transfer rule that transfers 195 or more values/items to the Picker control during runtime the control becomes unresponsive, and an error occurs.

Error Message:

The following error occurs: “Server Error”.


The fix is available in:


  1. Ensure you have the correct K2 version and/or Cumulative update installed. See KB001893 to see what Fix Pack level you have installed.

  2. Download the latest Fix Pack using the links in the table above for the version you require.

  3. Install the Fix Pack to apply the fix.

  4. It is recommended to refresh the browser cache.


You should only be transferring ID's to the picker control or use the Picker Resolve method for non ID's and set the data in the configuration for that action.

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