Suddenly getting 401 Access Denied for AAD

  • 13 January 2021
  • 3 replies

I have an .NET Core API, which uses on-behalf flow to obtain token for K2 API. It works fine for past few months, and suddenly it’s not working. Every call to the K2 REST API returns with a 401 error.

Would anyone please suggest what could gone wrong?

Below is the code I used to obtain token for K2 API.



3 replies

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Are you accessing K2 Five or K2 Cloud resources? Can you attach a sample core project that you are getting the error from?

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Hi imkakaka07,

I have the same issue with a ChromiumWebBrowser in c#.

Did you fix the issue? How?


Thanks in advanced


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Finally I found my issue: it was linked because Simply the header was not correct:
Authorization: Basic …
The user was correct, but not the password.