Sharepoint online integration as Service Account

  • 4 February 2018
  • 3 replies



We just connected Sharepoint online with K2 Five correctly and everything seems running fine.


Our customer is waiting for the start of their Document Management System project so they don't wont to give access to their users to Sharepoint Online at this moment. 


How we can use connection to Sharepoint online to upload and download documents but always using the Service Account instead of asking every single user to login to Sharepoint Online to generate their own oAuth Token?



3 replies

Maybe if you execute the upload document method through a smartobject event on a workflow, I'm not 100% sure though.

Hi Ziqing,


Thanks for your answer. The problem is that we also want to allow users to list, download and upload documents in Sharepoint through K2 Smartforms so we can't restrict to execute smartobjects in the workflows.


Any other idea?



The only way to do it with the out of the box app would be the way Ziqing just described as doing it from a workflow would result in the service account performing the operation.


The app is hard coded to enforce impersonation to a list/library so if that user doesn't have access they won't be able to do anything.  Is the end goal just to have the documents reside in a library that no other users have permission to?  If so, you could use two separate libraries.  The users would have access to the first document library so they can upload/list documents and then have a workflow on the backend that moves the documents the desired document library where the users have no access.