Sending a notification email with link or attached form submitted (with answers) to originator?

  • 1 December 2022
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I just finished working on a form, but I would like the originator to receive the link of the form submitted with the answers... I am not sure how to do it. I tried to add the display view as an attachment but did not know how to do it with the ID of that specific form nor where to get the display view from the workflow.

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Im not sure that I fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but this may help:
You can re-use the same item view that was submitted (either put it on a new form or reuse the same form and just hide certain controls based on parameters), and from there just execute a read method to get the data from your smartobject based on the item ID and you can build a link to that form and put it in your email. You can use parameters/references from the workflow designers context tab to get things like your current item ID.

Please feel free to share more information on what your process is so we can assist you much better