RoadMap Learning K2

  • 20 October 2020
  • 3 replies

Hello, Im new for learning K2, I already learn about basic SMO, Form and workdlow, Do you guys can suggest me what should i lean next? im trying to open K2 Youtube but i dont know whitch one should i learn first.

Thanks Guys….

3 replies

Hi @RioSebayang,


I would recommend K2 Views, third party intergration with K2 (K2 management) and K2 for Sharepoint. 

You can also go over documents and articles like these:

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Hi there @RioSebayang 


Since you mentioned that you did basic smo, I would suggest you extend your learning of smo’s to Advanced smartobject using tools like Sql etc.


I recommend that you do a some of the tutorial found in the link below, this tutorials address’s may parts and functionality of k2.


At a later stage you can also check the how tos:






You can subscribe K2 University,  It offer you comprehensive learning path for K2 ecosystem, and also you can take exam course to verify your K2 skills.


some interesting K2 course like K2 Citizen Developer, K2 Business Analyst, K2 Power User, K2 IT Developer, K2 Server Administrator.