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What are the steps to install K2 studio on a windows 10 64-bit pc?


I need to give access to some users to check workflows, but the k2 4.7 installer says missing pre-requisites, even though they are are installed.


I want a link to a document that shows what pre-requisites needed, links to the pre-requisites and document on how to install please.



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Hi @Sharpharp1,


Please have a look at this document:


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Hi Sharpharp1,


Kindly checkout the links below


K2 components - https://help.nintex.com/en-US/K2blackpearl/ICG/4.7/default.htm#Plan/Components/Understanding_Components.htm?=K2%20studio


Client tool installation - https://help.nintex.com/en-US/K2blackpearl/ICG/4.7/default.htm#Install/Manual/BP/BP_Inst_ClientOnly.htm?=K2%20studio


Software pre-requisite - https://help.nintex.com/en-US/K2blackpearl/ICG/4.7/default.htm#Plan/Software_Reqs_component.htm%3FTocPath%3DPlan%7C_____5


Hardware pre-requisite - https://help.nintex.com/en-US/K2blackpearl/ICG/4.7/default.htm#Plan/Hardware_Reqs_component.htm%3FTocPath%3DPlan%7C_____4


K2 Studio - https://help.nintex.com/en-US/k2blackpearl/UserGuide/4.7/default.htm#2.Create/K2_Studio/Create_with_K2_Studio.htm%3FTocPath%3DCreate%7CK2%2520Studio%7C_____0


Hope this helps


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So i ran setup.exe from the v4.7 blackpearl folder.


It won't let me install K2 Studio (see pic)

I have Visual Studio 2017 installed, is there a way of getting the install to recognise that, or do i need to have VS 2013/2015 installed to proceed in order for K2 Studio to be installed?

Is it possible to install a runtime to bypass the VS 2013/2015 check?