K2 Setup Manager Server Incomplete

When running K2 Setup Manager for moving/changing database connection, the K2 Server will not configure (Incomplete). 

Also, the Service itself will no longer start.


See attachment.


The version of K2 Setup is the one with K2 (5.0003.1000.1)


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Hi lpgibson,


You mentioned this is happened when moving/changing K2 database connection. I'm assumed it's relating to moving K2 database. Did you run the script to unlock the SCSSO master key?  You will need to look into the installer log (i.e. [Program Files]K2SetupLogInstallerTracedatestamp_xx.log). The log can be obtained during installation (CTRL+F8) or it can be located in Setup/Log folder.



No, we did not unlock SCSSO master key. Do we need to?

Hi lpgibson,


Please see the following support KB.



Hi  @lpgibson 


I once had this problem with k2 5.3 (see attachment).Just to get more Information on this you can also run the k2 server in console mode.


You can run the  k2 server in console mode with the following steps:

  • Press the "Windows Start" button

  • Locate the K2 folder

  • Collapse the K2 folder and Run the K2 Server (Service Account)


If you get the results similar to Attachment "K21 seer",  the following support KB to be helpful:





Hi  @lpgibson 


Like what HulisaniN has mentioned, please start the K2 service in console mode to find out what the error is that is preventing the service to start. From K2 5.3 onwards, the K2 Server service has a dependency on the K2 Configuration Service. This service needs to be running, otherwise starting the K2 service in console mode will fail with the following error "Error Starting Host Server: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". 


Please refer to several other KB articles that may be helpful:







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