K2 Five: Task Destination one at a time?

  • 29 March 2019
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The legacy tool K2 Studio had a feature when assigning tasks to multiple users. It could assign tasks to one user at a time, so it would follow a chain of approvals.
















I was wondering if short of making a loop manually, K2 Five has a similar feature?
Because I can't find an option for waiting for each approval before proceeding to the next one.


5 replies



It doesn't appear there is a feature or an equivalent option to this in K2 Five. I would recommend submitting an idea for future consideration. Looping is probably the only option to get around this. My guess is, you have to create a reference to the list of approvers and add in the loop step. Based on the decision made by the end-user, the task will either continue to the next user for the approval or stop it.



I am having the same problem I am on 5.1 and I have tried the loop and it does not work because the task is sent one at a time and only until each task is completed does it move on to the next person


I did see this,  maybe this will help

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May I suggest that you can try using the consensus style for a task submission. This will entail that if a task is assigned to a group of users, all the users must approve the task for it to be considered as approved. This will entail that all users can view the task at the same time. for more information on this topic please see the listed document below.





Alternatively, If you would like the task to go the approvers one by one, you may construct your workflow in a way to where the approval of one user sends it to the next etcetera. please see the screenshot for more clarity on the flow of this suggestion.

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thanks for the help. however I have a group of users that will vary on the number of users, so I wont know how many tasks to setup. 

For the first suggestion I have a second step that is needed where the users will need to update the status after they have approved the task, which could be handled in the same step.

thanks I will try that. 

Hi   @davidedpg10


Your fortunate i have worked with similar project that require atleast two users to action task, should one of them approve and the other one decline the task will be actioned for rework ,otherwise decline or accept (using concensus method{Task result rule} surely this can be done again with desired groups) as task is been redirected in parallel to different user and the outcome on each task is depended on other task.

Attached is screenshot depicting the above scenario.

K2 five documentation link also attached :-



From the screenshot you should notice that should two managers select different actions then the workflow will automatically routed for rework.


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