K2 can connect to another sql server?

  • 23 November 2020
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I want to know > K2 can connect to another sql server? (Besides config sql server specified when installing k2 server.)


5 replies

Hi 992,

This is possible but a new instance of a service instance (SQL) needs to be created.


Kevin Zhou

Do you mean..... 
I can new service instance specified other sql Servers name  (not the main SQL Server)


Main sql server name :DB_PRO

The second database to use : DB_Temp 

I Can new the service instance in K2 management > service type : sql service specified Database name, server name?

Is there anything I need to do or set up any additional things?


Hi 992,

Yes as long as you’ve got permission and the login to the DB that you want to connect it, you should be able to create the new service instance to that DB.

As far as I know, there’s nothing additional that needs to be set up.
But if you run into problems, do come back to this post so that I can assist.

Kevin Zhou

Thank you, I'll a give it try.

It’s a pleasure.