Image in Rich Text Box (K2 Smartform)

Hello Everyone,


We are working with Rich Text Box control where in user can paste the image as well along with the formatted text.


So, while saving, image is getting saved successfully in the DB as base64 but when I am trying to get the data and bind it to rich text box, image is not getting rendered.


Does anyone faced an issue like that or have any workaround for this?


Divya Raj

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Hi divyaraj,


I went through a similar setup but didn't run into the issue. Just like you said, it would save in the DB as base64. Do you happen to know how the end users are getting the images? In my example, I took a screen capture and paste into the Rich Text control. Also, which K2 version are you guys using? 



Try to uncheck "Prevent XSS" in the RichText settings.