How to configure outbound OAUTH2 for Implicit Flow on REST API

  • 5 October 2020
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I would to know how to configure outbound OAUTH2 for REST API.


The scenario: K2 is connecting to third party REST API,  the third party REST API requires OAUTH2 with customer consent in order to access the protected resources.



  1. Customer Access the K2 App
  2. K2 App ( at middle layer - smartobject ) try to access resource via third party REST API endpoint
  3. Third party endpoint,  redirect the request to consent page (resource provider consent page)
  4. Customer allow specific resources to be accessed, then submit consent page.
  5. Third party receives customer consent, grant access and response K2 with requested information ( at middle layer - smartobject)






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Hi there,

This article may be suitable to your requirements:




This KB article might also be relevant to you: Outbound Authorization and OAuth in K2.

It has also some useful links on the side under the See Also section to learn more about OAuth.

Hope this helps!