How to change control from Toolbar button to be Image in K2 Smartform

After I change the toolbar button to be image, the rule on click will be lost.

The toolbar button relate with on click event only. And the image control have the click event too. Why the rule K2 lost?


I need to change to Image. Because it have comment from user about button style. So I need to apply image to be button for beautiful issue.


Is have solution to resolve this issue?


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Hi Sumit


See attached related post, According to this community article below, it is not posible


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Hi  @Sumit;


I presume you are on k2 4.7, if that's the case then read through this kb(

And the solution for the above would be to install  the K2 4.7 March 2018 Cumulative Update which contains updates and fixes for issues reported in K2 4.7 products(


Also check out with possible workaround stated here under views section i find find the issue very relative (




I try to debug the K2 smart forms to getting the control id of the Toolbar button. Then I have copied the TypeId and Properties of Image Control. Then update these properties in table Form.Control in K2 database with the copied data by the control id of toolbar button. It work. The K2 rule does not lost and function can work normally.

Delete the event part of the rule (on click in this case), give a nice name to the rule and save it as an independent rule. Now you change your control to image control. On click event of the new image control call your new independant rule.

Thank you for your solution.