Email notification to dev/support team if any failures in workflow

  • 12 November 2020
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We have 10 workflows in our project. We have to login to the k2 management page to check the error log. Do we have any option to setup an email notification for any failures in workflow?


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3 replies

Hi @velraj ,


I dont think there are any built in options, but im sure you can create a workflow to do so:

Create Error Profile notification emails in workflow

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There is a service someone wrote to handle this situation - it is older,  but it still works:

There is a built in option that can start a workflow when any workflow errors. This was added with the new Nexus upgrade for K2 Cloud

Create a new workflow and click the Start node. From there you can click “Start when any workflow errors”: 


 Then Click “Create variables for me”.

You can set up rules to conditionally start the workflow. I suggest setting it up so it does not notify you when itself errors out (see pic, top condition). You can also set it up so it doesn’t notify on specific workflows as well. 


As for what you can do in the workflow itself you can simply have it email or do other things you might normally do with a workflow like create tasks and such.