Displaying Deserialised Typed Array on a List View or Form


  • I have a Service SmartObject based on a REST Service Instance.

  • The Service SmartObject contains a List Method which returns a Deserialised Typed Array.

  • The SmartObject works fine. If I test the SmartObject method in K2 Management I can see the data is returned in the correct format:



How do I present this data on a Form so that the User can see it? What is best practice? 


If I attempt to create a List View against the List method, K2 disables the Create option:


Am I approaching this in the wrong way, should I be using Logic instead, to dynamically add it to a List View? If so how? I'm hoping I don't need to save the data within K2 first? If I do, how?


I like the idea of presenting the data as a List view as the plan would be that the user could select a row and perform an action etc.


If I can understand how to do this, it will answer a lot of questions for a proof of concept I am trying to put together.





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