Default Azure Login Method from SharePoint

  • 17 July 2018
  • 1 reply

We have an on premise K2 Five instance connected to SharePoint Online so we use both Windows and Azure login methods in our environment.  However, if a user is in SharePoint, I would have expected the default login to go to Azure instead of forcing the user to choose one method or another every day.  Has anyone found a way to default the login method from SharePoint but allow the choice from any other K2 site (Designer, Management, Workspace, etc)?  

1 reply

So I do have both Windows and Azure set as True for the Use for Login.  Which is what I want when users directly hit Workspace, Designer or Management URLs for K2.  But what I'm looking for is if the user is in SharePoint, automatically use Azure.  Right now, if users open a SmartForm embedded on a page in SharePoint, they get presented with a choice between the two logins and I don't want that in SharePoint.  


We have other apps that need the Windows login, so I'm assuming if I set this to False for the Windows row in the Issuers (making the Azure one the only one with True), it will no longer be an option to login with the Windows credentials?