Debugger Beta Test



Are you interested in taking a modern SmartForm debugger for a test spin?

It's a simple Chrome extension designed to radically improve the debugging experience. After installation, there's no configuration, simply open Dev Tools on a SmartForm and you'll be debugging.


The extension is in Chrome's Webstore

More details can be found here


Looking for feedback...


One issue we found yesterday, is it won't load if Chrome isn't in English. Updating localization is in the works.




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OMFG - this has the potential to be very very useful.


I'll give it a spin and will for sure provide feedback.



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This is honestly a must have for debugging SmartForms.


Well done, an absolute gamechanger for helping you work out what is going on.



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Looks indeed very good, direct link to the Youtube video explaining it can be found here:

This looks just what we need, but, currently out organisation only uses MS Edge, is there a chance the extension could be made available for that browser also?