DateTime Display as -1 in Listview

Currently, I am using a List view in my Smartform which will pull data from the DB table and I am having a column of DateTime in that table. in my table, if date saves as *personal details removed* Then if someone opens Schedule in US time zone it will display the date as -1 i.e. *personal details removed*. but while in IST it shows as *personal details removed*

How to resolve this issue. we are using K2 FIVE5.2


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We have this issue, too, because our SQL server and our users are in different time zones.  I think it's more of a SQL issue than a K2 issue.  When the person using K2 looks at the record in the same time zone as the server, it shows up correctly.


We typically don't need the timestamp of date/time, so I typically convert all date/times to just date in DB views and SMOs.  Otherwise, I think you're kind of stuck with using expressions and/or database trickery to make it display properly.  

Hi Tan,


Are you using a calendar control to save the date/time in to the K2 database? If you are this scenario is an expected behavior.  More details can be found in the KB link below


Hope this helps


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