Create list item in k2 five for sharepoint

  • 2 November 2017
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We have 2 lists.when ever an item is added in list 1 it should create in list 2.we have created a workflow on list 1 when added and added create list item activity and mapped all columns of list 1 and mapped to target list 2 columns.

In list 2 some of the columns are not getting created.
It works in few list and some it doesnt.This is using k2 five for sharepoint

2 replies



Are the two SharePoint Lists (A and 😎 having the same structure(i.e. same SharePoint columns or metadata)?

Are you setting the Create List Item Steps in a sequential order? If your workflow is set up to start both Create List Items steps simultaneously after the Start step, then you might want to add a decision step to List B path. This way it can wait for List A - Create list item to complete first before starting List B - Create list item step.



We have encountered this problem in the "Create List Item" action in workflows. We have raised this as a concern to K2 as well. We found the action fills up Mandatory columns and some randomn columns and then moves to next action. It is not waiting for all columns to get filled up. We use a workaround of Create item and Update Item Pairs for this issue, details below:


  • Create reference of the newly created item, say we call it RefNewItem. In the "Create Item" fill only Mandatory columns, they always fill up with this action.


  • Add an "Update Item" workflow action and use this reference(RefNewItem) and update all the columns.

Let me know if this works for you too!!