count if in the smartform

 Hi everyone,

I'm trying to have some numbers in my smartform and I need to use a count if function that I didn't found. I'm trying to combinate if with count without any success 😞 

In the image here there is a part of the List View that I created and what I need to do i calculate the number of H1, H3, Yellow tag and Red tag for the whole table

How can I do that? In excel I have count if but I didn't found here.



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You can do this using an expression and rules or probably just using an expression.

Here is my lisview, im counting all the "H1" items from my smartobject:


I have a expression that looks like this (Datalabel stores the count):


On my view execute rule, i have a for each rule, followed by an if statement and then followed by the set properties of my datalabel:


This is how my if statement looks (if smartobject field is equal to H1 the count-see next image for count):

Set the property of the datalabel to add 1 each time it finds "H1" using the expression


Uhhh nice, I will try, thanks!

Thanks so much, it's working and I also now understand hw to add "Advanced" formulas.


Thank you.

it's helped me!