Content Control

  • 4 June 2020
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I'm having difficulty using the content control. I can't get it to display any content based on the given URL.

I've tried in Chrome and Edge.


Am I missing something? I've followed the online guide, I'm using K2 5.3 FP 23.


Screensshot attached - issue is in designer and runtime

1 reply


Could you try specifying the protocol in the URL?

Without https, it defaults to http. Chrome will see that as a problem and you'll find an error logged on the browser during runtime:

Running the form/view even after this could lead to the same result but this time it would probably be due to the X-FRAME-OPTIONS header set to SAMEORIGIN. 

If you try to frame one of your runtime forms or any of the K2 sites (eg. Workspace), the preview on Designer and on runtime should work.