Composite SmartObject with "Azure AD User" List Method

  • 27 September 2019
  • 3 replies

I have been trying to create a Composite SmartObject that includes the Azure AD User SmartObject with the List method.
On the original SmartObject I save the "name" property of the currently logged in user, but when I create a Composite SmartObject that uses that property as the imput to the Azure AD User Object I cannot get the display name or any other properties of the user. Has anyone created something like this utilizing Azure AD before? I can get the load method to work since its a one-one relationship, but the list method I'm strugglign with. I have tried the Service Method link binding the Name propert to the UPN property of Azure AD but I cannot get it to work.
Does anyone have any examples?

3 replies



Can you provide an example of the name value that is being saved?


The submitter value.
It matches the value in UPN in Azure AD, and it works for a single record since I configured it as a load operation.
But I am just having trouble getting the List method to work and show the rest of the information associated with that UPN. Like display name, email, etc.

Maybe I didn't provide enough information originally.
The Service Method Link is set as Left join, and I'm binding submitter to UserPrincipalName (which they match), but when I try to display the display name, email, city, state, it does not display anything. I can't get any properties to work with the list method.

I have attached some screnshots, please let me know if you spot an issue that I have missed.