Category security in K25 does not apply to workflows?

  • 10 October 2019
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I have noticed that teh Category security in K2 5.3 is not really applicable for workflows. Category security is being honored by Forms and View but teh workflows do not honor this.


For example if I set a category security on teh folder in which tehre are workflows , forms and View. The security is honored when working with Forms and View but workflows still dos not honor the security permissions set on its parent folder.


Is this true? does anyone has seen this behaviour?


Any help is appreciated.




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Hi NagrotteGA


Check this Kb article below:




Thanks . But it doe snot seem liek teh Category security is applicable to workflow. The security for the workflows can be controlled in the old way by allowing various righst on the workflows... but just becuase a workflow happened to to under a category and the category security is setup for that , workflow is not bound by that security.

According to K2 Authorization Framework , it seems like it is only applicable for forms, view, smartobjects and Categories.


Hi nagrotteGA,


I believe category security for the workflow is in the work, see the following links.


Regarding the category permission, you should be able to set security on the category or folder, this will control who can see the folder and hide the workflow. For example, I create a workflow under Test3 category in Designer, I should be able to set permission on Test3 category to stop other people from viewers that category. This will technically hide the workflow under Test3 category (Test3workflow_name). Please note that the workflow owner will still have full access to the workflow, I don't believe the permission will apply to the workflow owner.