Why won't the Generate Document function read a hidden field?

  • 22 January 2021
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So I've got an NWC form that writes data to a PDF document using the Generate Document function. I have it close to working, but there's one problem. I have a hidden text field in my form whose value is determined by a visible Single Choice field. I'm using the value of the hidden field to write to the PDF document and to an email that is generated at the end of the workflow.


But it seems the Word document from which the PDF is generated isn't placing a value where I want it, even though there is a document tag in those locations. The areas are left blank. However, if I make the hidden field visible, everything works fine.


Does the Document Tagger not work with data in hidden fields? If not, why?


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6 replies

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@DavidAD Hidden fields don't return a value, if you log it to instance details you will get the same result. If you are looking to use a value that isn't shown on the form then I would suggest using a form variable instead.

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@leighburke Thank you. I'll work with that.

I guess I need to go back and look at the help documentation to review hidden fields, but if they don't return a value, I fail to see their purpose. Or is it the case that what's in a hidden field can only be used within the form, but not in the workflow?

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@DavidAD So when the form is submitted any fields that are hidden do not pass a value to the Workflow, so yes you could still use it in the Form.

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@leighburke Thank you. Now I understand it.

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Changing the input, fill, and border all to white* but keeping it visible hides it but passes it to the workflow. And if you do it this way, it can be used as a space if you need one. If you use this in a repeating section, set it not to alternate row colors or it will show up.


* Or whatever color your form background is set to. 

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Hi David,

Do you have an example of this?