Use a NWC Form to Upload a file into SharePoint Online with metadata

Hey everybody,


this is my first post - I hope I get everything right.


My challenge:


I have a SharePoint Online SiteCollection with a library where I want to Upload a file and let the user define some (managed) metadata for it. In the first days of Nintex for Office365 I had a similar challenge and ended up with a list where I enter the file as an attachment - and then let the workflow transfer it with some metadata into the document library.


Now after a lot of time I want to accomplish this scenario - form upload to sharepoint online - via the Nintex Workflow Cloud. After some research I'm a little afraid I have to do it with the same workaround again?


I need a trigger beside the new/edit of the document library. The public form URL as the start point sounded like the perfect solution. But there I have no connection to my sharepoint metadata or an "easy" way to drop it in the library.


If I chose the SharePoint Online starting point, I have only the new or edit events for the workflow, not something usable for an upload action.


I did some research, but didn't find any solution or better workaround for this.


Do I miss something?


Thanks in advance and kind regards!



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@tiwookie So you don't want to have the file submitted as an attachment on a start form? The method in NWC would be similar to o365, have a form to upload a file, ask for metadata on that form as well and then have the workflow add the file/metadata to the library.

@leighburke, thanks for your reply!


Just to be clear, so there still isn't a native way to get an upload form for a document library?


So like you click on an upload link, you get a form where you can select your local file and fill out the necessary metadata, even with the maneged metadata to chose from, you click ok and without any further workflows it is just in the target library.


In my mind it would be a little odd to still have to use a helper list, drop the file as an attachment and define metadata on the helper list and on the destination library.

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@tiwookie Correct, you can have a form link or embedded form in NWC to upload but it won't be happening directly on the library as it would be happening via the workflow.