Store a file in SharePoint Online with a different filename

The Store a File action only has an option to overwrite the file or not.  I don't want the file overwritten, I want the file name to change as necessary, appending a date or a number after the file etc.  The file is coming from an Upload on a NWC form and there isn't any option there to modify the file name. It seems like there should be an easy way to do this that I am missing that doesn't include trying to query the document library for all the files in it and then somehow comparing that to a file name extracted from the object.


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Currently not possible.

There is a user voice request in to be able to rename file variable objects.

Update File Name in Workflow – Customer Feedback for Nintex (



Hi @RTK ,


I am not 100% sure, if this could be a solution, we have a SharePoint online action called "Rename a file".


Please have a look at the screenshot, maybe this could be a solution.








Thanks for the responses.  I have reworked the workflow to use the rename a file action.  Instead of checking to see if the filename is in use I now just give the file a unique name after I store it so I don't have to run that check for future files.  An option to rename the file being stored is still something that would be helpful, I have a different workflow that breaks every time someone imports a duplicate file name and that has been frustrating me for months.  The responses in the user request mentioned have the same problem.