Retrieve task form url in NWC

  • 22 January 2021
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I am assigning a task to a user with "Assign a task" action.  I have a requirement to show this Task URL in a dashboard in SharePoint. How do I obtain the Task URL?


I tried to log the following two context variables: 


Which returns the following output:



The actual URLs that the user receives in the email is something like:


How can I obtain this URL in the workflow?


Thanks in advance.

5 replies

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@SanthoshKumar-R  Currently the only way to get the task variable outside of the Task is using the NWC API(, there is a connector to make this easier inside of the workflow(

Hi @leighburke,
Thanks for your response. The API extension uses Personal Access Token, and only returns the tasks that the workflow owner has access to. Is there a way to get all users tasks?
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@SanthoshKumar-R  The xtension I linked above uses app based authentication and should be able to access all tasks(https://)

What is the purpose of exposing those 2 properties to us if they aren't actually the URL of the form? I too was thinking they'd be the link to the task form, since that's what they are labeled. Are we able to make use of these? Here is a sample of what I see when I log the values:


Task name (Form link): tf_6af8649466954341a150bf4ccde501a0_form_url
Form URL: tf_6af8649466954341a150bf4ccde501a0_task_name_link

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@macleary They can only be used inside of the task action, so that you can customise the task email.