Print to pdf nwc task form

  • 29 January 2019
  • 4 replies


Is it possible to print to PDF a NWC task form? I can't see anything in settings. 


4 replies

Hi, curious to know why that user experience or option and the use case? Why a participant should go through an experience of going from an on-line interactive medium to a static medium?  What's your intended business outcome/objective, for alternative and perhaps better solutions?

hi, in my example we would need a hard copy of the form to be submitted as we deal with persons coming through a screening process. No simple way to keep a track of the person as they go from station to station as there is no identifiable number that can follow them

Would you be able to elaborate further on the intended outcome and best user experience.  Is this a start form or task form?  Upon a start form submission, the form content need to be available at each station.  What if the form content is sent to the form submitter/participant in electronic format and presented at each station. What if the form content is available and accessible by station attendant in electronic format? And there is a need to have a unique ID for each participant to track which stations they have attended or a different use case?

@Sasan We have a need to be able to print a submitted form because government regulations require we have a hard copy.  It's available in Nintex for O365 so I don't understand why it wouldn't be available in NWC.  We know the docgen action is available but that costs extra so we'd love for the unlimited print to pdf option to be available in NWC as well.