Nintex Workflow Cloud - How to authenticate users

I have 4 forms for parents to built  In Nintex Workflow Cloud  -

  • The forms are built-in Nintex workflow Cloud (Authenticate -) 

  • I would like for the person to log in ( authenticate the user)-  before they can complete the form

    • Where and how do you create the login information - is this possible?

    • or how do you authenticate the user ?

  • Once the form is submitted the information is stored in SharePoint Online O365  (This works) 

I would like to know how to Authenticate the user/person filling out the form

  • then Get the user Email address

  • And the User IP address if possible

Is this possible - If yes, can you please let me know how to accomplish this ASAP. 


Any assistance would be appreciated




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Hi Carol,

You mention parents so I'm assuming this could be a school scenario.


If you have many users then I would recommend setting up identity federation with something like Azure AD.

User management (

If you are doing Azure AD via SAML you can know also have the parents as guest users in your Azure AD if you are not creating standard accounts for them.


Once the identity federation is configured they can login with their email address of the user account.


I cant see a way in NWC to capture the IP address when a form is filled in.

Again with identity federation, the identity provider (like Azure AD) would capture the IP address during authentication so that would be in the logs in that service.

Hi Gavin,

          Thanks for responding. 

I was told I would not be able to use Azure AD - We don't have External customers/parents in Azure AD. 

Question - If I set up a List in SharePoint with the following:

     Email Address, Last Name and First Name - of the parents

Is it possible to use Nintex Workflow Cloud to validate the Email, Last Name, and First Name in Nintex workflow Cloud?   

      I need to verify the person using the form email address is on the list? 

Can this be accomplished?  If yes? how? 


The above work in O365 Nintex, but not for external customers.